First commercial marine biofuel based on wood-based residues

Dutch sustainable biofuel leader GoodFuels Marine and leading dredging company Boskalis have succesfully concluded extensive testing of UPM BioVerno wood-based renewable diesel on a vessel working on the Dutch “Marker Wadden” nature restoration project in the middle of the Markermeer lake.

HEINEKEN Netherlands, Nedcargo and GoodFuels launch first major pilot on sustainable marine fuel for inland waterway transport

HEINEKEN Netherlands, Nedcargo and sustainable fuel market-leader GoodFuels have launched a pilot to demonstrate a sustainable drop-in marine fuel on-board of the ‘For Ever’ – an inland barge dedicated to transport Heineken® export beer, from the HEINEKEN brewery in Zoeterwoude to the deep-sea terminals in Rotterdam. The advanced marine fuel supplied by GoodFuels contains 30% biofuel and thereby reduces CO2-emissions by more than 25%, whilst also sharply reducing local emissions as nitrogen and particulate matter.

De Jong Zuurmond and GoodFuels put to use the first on-site blending station for renewable diesel

In Beesd the Netherlands, De Jong Zuurmond and GoodFuels put to use the first on-site blending station for renewable diesel. The blending station is unique as any ratio of fossil diesel to renewable diesel can be blended on the spot. In this way, the desired CO2 reduction can be set per vehicle and per refueling  This empowers De Jong Zuurmond to service any sustainability ambition level its clients may have.

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A new ground-breaking initiative will hand cargo owners the opportunity to control and greatly reduce the carbon footprint of their ocean freight. The ‘GoodShipping Program’ enables ocean cargo owners with a quick, transparent and convenient way to reduce their carbon footprint – from the industry itself, and not from alternative mitigation schemes – by driving ‘purchasing’ biofuel in an initiative that is designed to accelerate low-carbon fuels in the marine fuel mix.

CNN: The sustainable fuel growing on trees

Can the world’s first marine biofuel from wood — developed in eastern Finland — reduce the carbon emissions of shipping? Source: CNN

Dutch Railway and Renewable Energy

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Klimaatneutraal reizen mogelijk maken, dat is de ambitie van NS. Ook het reizen per bus bij werkzaamheden en calamiteiten valt onder onze ‘klimaatneutraal reizen’ -ambitie. Daarom is begin 2016 een proef gedaan met het laten rijden van deze bussen op hernieuwbare diesel.

De proef is uitgevoerd samen met de huidige leveranciers van het vervangend busvervoer: Jan de Wit en Munckhof. GoodFuels heeft de proef gecoördineerd en de brandstof geleverd en busfabrikant Scania werkte mee aan het bijbehorende technisch onderzoek.


GoodFuels Launch De Boer/ Dutch Dredging, Port of Moerdijk

Sustainable Marine Biofuel launch De Boer/Dutch Dredging, Port of Moerdijk June 2016.
Dutch Dredging has kicked off its year round operation on sustainable “drop-in” marine biofuel out of the Dutch Port of Moerdijk. The Alouette, drenching vessel will operate on an unique marine fuel which for 30% consists out of a sustainable bio components made out of waste streams. Next to saving on local emissions (PM, NOx and SOx) the GoodFuels Marine “B30” fuel blend will reduce the CO2 footprint with 25%.

Sustainable Marine Biofuel Initiative by Boskalis, GoodFuels Marine and Wärtsilä

The Sustainable Marine Biofuel Initiative by Boskalis, GoodFuels Marine and Wärtsilä was launched on 7 October 2015. The goal of this program is to demonstrate the use of 6-8 next generation biofuels over 2016 and 2017 in various blends. Initially the program will target Bio-MGO’s but later on also a Bio-HFO will be tested. Parallel tracks are working on certification and scaleability. All fuels from GoodFuels Marine are meeting strict sustainability criteria and are assessed by our independent sustainability board.

Sustainable marine biofuels @ Port of Rotterdam

GoodFuels Marine, Boskalis and Wärtsilä are joining forces to offer vessels the option of sailing on biofuel. The three companies started a two-year pilot in the port of Rotterdam: the world’s biggest bio-based cluster.

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