Sustainability is key

Sustainability is the leading principle of our company, and no concessions are made:
All our products are tested against the highest sustainability standards and are reviewed by our independent sustainability board. They are therefore really Good Fuels. This ensures that by using our products, our clients are really contributing to a more sustainable society.

About us

"In GOOD we trust"

Anouk Florentinus, Senior Manager Transportation, Natuur & Milieu

"People from GoodFuels provide really GOOD Fuels to the world"

Pieter van Essen, Senior Adviser City of Rotterdam

Our 3 sustainable promises




All our products are produced from waste or residues: No competition with food, no deforestation and contribution to a zero-waste society

All our products are certified: To ensure the sustainability and transparency of the supply chain, our fuels are certified according to RED recognized certification systems

All our products are checked by our independent sustainability board: We go the extra mile by consulting these experts in the field of sustainable biofuels

GoodFuels is certified for both the RSB and ISCC-EU scheme.

Sustainability board

Our independent sustainability board ensures we are always working according to the latest sustainability criteria. It consists of leading academia and NGO’s in the field of sustainable biofuels and transport, thereby giving an extra sustainability guarantee on top of our certifications.

Barbara Bramble

Senior Director International Wildlife Conservation

Barbara Bramble is Senior Director for International Wildlife Conservation, at the National Wildlife Federation. As the original founder and director of NWF’s International department, she helped to place “sustainable development” and environmental protection at the center of economic decision-making. Next to this, she is the chair of the Board of Directors of the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials.

Martin Junginger

Associate professor Utrecht University

Martin Junginger is Associate Professor at Energy & Resources (E&R) of the Copernicus Institute, Utrecht University, and leads the bioenergy cluster of the E&R group.  He is leader of IEA Bioenergy Task 40 on Sustainable International Bioenergy Trade. His expertise includes solid biomass logistic supply chains and GHG balances including forest carbon accounting.

Martin holds a PhD from Utrecht University and an MSc in Chemistry from Utrecht University.

Patricia Osseweijer (Chair)

Professor sustainability TU Delft

Patricia is a professor in Science Communication and a Group leader of the Biotechnology and Society group at the Delft University of Technology. Next to that she is managing director and program leader of the Society Program of the Kluyver Centre for Genomics of Industrial Fermentation. In these roles, she is a leading figure in the international field of social and ethical sustainability.

Patricia holds a PhD from the VU University of Amsterdam and an MSc in biology from the Utrecht University.

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