Why transport needs GoodFuels

The urgency of reducing the carbon footprint from transport is more clear than ever; not acting right now will result in failing to comply with the 2030 and 2050 goals to reduce our greenhouse gasses. The transport industry is the only industry that has not seen the decline that other industries have; it’s emissions are still higher than they were in 1990.

About us

GoodFuels Renewable Diesel

GoodFuels Renewable Diesel is a synthetic diesel, also known as HVO. It is a high-quality second generation biofuel, made from the most sustainable feedstock. Hydrogen is used to upgrade the feedstock, resulting in pure hydrocarbons, giving it superior characteristics over conventional (bio)diesel.

As GoodFuels Renewable Diesel can be blended freely with conventional diesel, we offer a variety of specific blends:

Blend RD20 RD30 RD50 RD100
Renewable component 20% 30% 50% 100%
Co2 Reduction (WtW/TtW) 18% / 20% 27% / 30% 45% / 50% 90% / 100%
Quality EN590 EN590 EN590 EN15940

Our renewable diesel (HVO) significantly reduces local emissions, especially when used in older engines (Euro V and older):

  • SOx: >99%
  • NOx: 10-30%*
  • PM: 30-70%*
  • Fuel consumption: up to 3% less*

* depending on engine type and blend


  • Produced from truly sustainable waste streams
  • Tank to Wheel: 100% CO2 reduction (climate neutral)
  • Well to Wheel: 90% CO2 reduction
  • Reduce local emissions (NOx, PM)

Hassle free

  • Drop-in: No engine, maintenance or vehicle modifications needed
  • No changes in fuelling procedures and infrastructure
  • Fully miscible with fossil diesel

High quality

  • No bacterial growth or sediments/flaking
  • No ageing effects
  • High Cetane: Complete efficient combustion
  • Perfect for (extremely) cold conditions


Road transport

For diesel powered transport, public transportation and conditioned transportation we provide a unique opportunity in becoming sustainable.


Being heavily dependent on diesel powered, heavy machinery, our drop in renewable diesel is ideal for the construction industry to reduce their footprint

Power generators

When remote power generation is needed (e.g. events or building sites) we can generate green energy by filling up diesel generators with our HVO

Rail transport

We make diesel locomotives sustainable by using HVO for passenger and freight transportation where rail track electrification is not feasible


HVO can be produced from different feedstock. GoodFuels offers advanced sustainable fuels from several sources and manufacturers. products

All our biofuels are 2nd generation: produced from feedstock that is labelled a waste or residue. Therefore there are no land-use issues, no competition with food production or deforestation.

We will never use palm oil as a feedstock. Derivatives from the palm oil industry (eg. PES, PFAD, SBEO) form a grey area, as NGO’s have not given their final verdict on the sustainability of fuels made form these feedstock.

Current feedstock:

Forest-residues: Considered the worlds most sustainable HVO currently available, produced in Europe from residues of the paper and pulp industry.

Used Cooking Oil (UCO): UCO is a waste stream from food-processing, which has little alternative applications. It is currently the most used feedstock in the Netherlands.

“The high quality, sustainable fuels from GoodFuels not only drastically reduce the CO2  footprint, but also has a positive impact on the local air quality.”

Margien Storm van Leeuwen Manager New Business at Bredenoord

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