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End 2015


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The challenge

Boskalis, Wärtsilä and GoodFuels Marine supported by their partners have the ambition to be pioneers in this new emerging marine fuel segment – for the good of the world and to seize a business opportunity.

The solution

End 2015, Boskalis, Wärtsilä and GoodFuels Marine launched the Sustainable Marine Biofuel Initiative. This is a development program for next generation bio marine fuels that are sustainable and have the potential to be scalable & long term affordable. Over a period of 2 years, the consortium will test several next generation biofuels at the Wärtsilä test facilities in Vaasa followed by live testing on various ships within the Boskalis global fleet across different geographies and ports.
The consortium wants to accelerate the development of sustainable marine fuels that are truly sustainable. Initially the focus is on “drop in” marine biofuels as we see them as an integral but currently missing part of the long term marine fuel mix, next to other viable options such as (Bio)LNG. Our drop in fuels should be both suited to blend with MGO as we will do research and testing of straight bio fuels as possible replacement of HFO in SECA areas. Once options are found meeting all criteria (technical, sustainable, economical, scalable) the consortium will off take initial supply, push for industry certification and large scale production. Next to testing the consortium will initiate a global scalability study involving leading Marine customers, universities, NGO’s, Ports, (Bio) Fuel companies, IMO and other leading players & institutes which should identify tangible opportunities for scaling supply in the near future.


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