Why shipping needs GoodFuels

While the world is cutting greenhouse gas emissions, shipping emissions are projected to increase steadily over the next decades: From 3% of total global CO2 emissions today, to 16% by 2050. More efficient vessels are being developed but will not be sufficient: clean-burning, low-carbon fuels are essential in achieving sustainable shipping.

Be part of this transition with our advanced sustainable marine fuels.

Our products

All our biofuels are 2nd generation: produced from feedstock that is labelled a waste or residue. Therefore, there are no land-use issues, no competition with food production or deforestation. Read more about our sustainability policy here.

Sustainable MGO

  • Multiple ISO 8217 grades
  • Produced from various feedstock
  • High quality fuel boosting performance
  • Substantial emission reduction
    • CO2: 75-90%
    • SOx: >99%
    • NOx: 10-30%*
    • PM: 30-70%*
  • Easy to implement on any vessel: our drop-in biofuels are fully compatible with your current engine and infrastructure
  • Available in most (S)ECA ports
  • Approved by most major OEM’s (GoodFuels supports you in getting OEM approval)

* depending on engine type

Sustainable HFO-replacement

  • Ultra Low Sulphur, 90% CO2 reduction
  • Suitable for 100% HFO replacement

What's in it for you?

  • No operational changes needed
  • Improve performance of your fleet with our high quality fuel
  • Win tenders by achieving maximum sustainability scores with our fuel. Find out how our tenderdesk can help you implement our fuels in your tender operations.
  • Extend your current contracts by switching to our sustainable fuels
  • Meet emission legislations without investments in your fleet
  • Enable cargo-owners achieve carbon-neutral transport in the most cost-effective way
Inland shipping

Meet current and future emission legislation by switching to our clean advanced fuels


Achieve carbon-neutral transport for a low-carbon supply-chain


Reduce CO2 emissions to win contracts by flexible deployment of our drop-in biofuels

Passenger/Public transport

Win and extend your tenders by CO2 reduction without fleet investments

Developing the market for sustainable marine fuels

To make a real difference, the sustainable marine fuel market needs to grow enormously over the next decades. As this market is still in its early stages, GoodFuels is involved in getting the right market criteria in place to make this market a success.

Contact us to find out how we can work together to make this market a success.

Contact us

We work with our clients and partners on the following:

  • OEM approval
  • Supply chain development
  • Knowledge dissemination (IMO, government, OEM’s)
  • Regulations
  • Product development
  • Marketing

“With GoodFuels sustainable “drop-in”fuel we have added a very vital dimension to our customer proposition.”

Joost Rijnsdorp GM Corporate Procurement en Logistics, Royal Boskalis

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