Why GoodFuels

We unlock the potential of sustainable biofuels and giving our clients and partners access to the latest and greatest. We work closely with feedstock owners, technology developers, research institutes and universities, to bring innovations from lab to commercial application. Together we develop high-quality, sustainable, scalable and affordable biofuels.

What can we do for you?

What we do

As a transition partner, we accompany you in setting your sustainability goals and help you move towards a better world.

We improve the performance of your fleet. We make you win tenders by achieving maximum sustainability goals. We help you meet emission legislation. We make your transport carbon-neutral in the most cost-effective way. We provide opportunities to make your public transport more sustainable. We generate green energy by filling up generators on festivals, or other events. We make construction areas more sustainable.

A great example of our work is the introduction of worlds’ first sustainable drop-in Bio-Fuel Oil which directly replaces arguably one of the dirtiest fuel mankind invented by a clean, sulphur and carbon-free fuel. Currently, our Innovation team is working hard to scale supply as fast as they can- but without any compromise to our strict sustainability goals or quality.


we provide the following services for you:

  • biofuel testing and qualification
  • technology assessment and commercialization
  • local production potential and road-mapping
  • supply chain development
  • sustainability assessment

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