GoodFuels starts first advanced biofuel stations for business and public use throughout the Netherlands.

Blue GoodFuels pumps positioned as the easiest and most convenient way for transport and logistics companies to decrease their carbon footprint.

Amsterdam, Leidschendam, March, 8th, 2018 – Today GoodFuels, market leader in sustainable advanced biofuels, starts selling GoodFuels20 at 7 Sakko Fuel Stations. GoodFuels20 is a sustainable alternative to traditional fossil fuels for diesel engines. Without the need of any engine modifications, emissions such as CO2, NOx and PM are significantly decreased instantly. The network of fuel stations where GoodFuels20 is publicly available will be quickly expanded based upon the need out of the ‘GreenTruckFuel’ program by Transport & Logistics Nederland (TLN.)

Businesses are increasingly more sustainable

Most companies are in search of new possibilities to reduce their carbon footprint. Unfortunately, it is not realistic to assume a company can modify their entire fleet into electric cars overnight. Heavy-road transport especially are expected to remain dependent on the diesel engine at least until 2030. Here advanced biofuels are a great alternative to fossil fuels. Through GoodFuels20’s Gas Station network (using the GoodFuels-fuel card) instant carbon footprint reduction is now in reach for many businesses. In fact, even regular consumers may now be open to it.


Stephan Mangnus, Sakko CEO: 

“Becoming environmentally sustainable is a must, we have chosen GoodFuels to reach that goal. GoodFuels’ high quality and proven sustainable biofuel sources are unrivaled. We are proud to offer our customers and card members GoodFuel20.”


Willem van Waes, GoodFuels Road & Rail Business Development Manager:

“Making GoodFuels20 widely available is an important step towards our main goal: a fossil free world. Companies and communities are dependent on public fuel stations, it has now become a lot easier for them to become more environmentally sustainable. It is my conviction many will find their way to our GoodFuels pumps for advanced biofuel.”


GoodFuels20: 20% fossil free, 18% CO2-reduction and better air quality 

GoodFuels20 partially consists of Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil, in short: HVO, not to be confused with first generation biofuels (such as Fame). GoodFuels’ HVO is a high quality, fossil free advanced biofuel, 100% produced out of waste and residual waste. It does not compete with the food chain or leads to deforestation in any way. This sustainable biofuel does not only reduce CO2 emissions, but also decreases the emission of harmful particles, producing better air quality. In the years ahead, GoodFuels intends to increase its HVO percentage from GoodFuels 20 to GoodFuels 100.


Rob Aarse, Team Strategy & Bussines Management at Transport & Logistiek Nederland (TLN): 

“TLN supports GoodFuels and Sakko’s initiative. TLN considers HVO as an important solution for our “GreenTruckFuel”-program in order to reach the carbon reductions targets set for the international transportation and logistics sectors”


Fuel Stations with ‘Blue GoodFuels Pumps’

As of today GoodFuels20 is available at Sakko Gas Station Leidschendam. The sustainable diesel replacement is easy to recognize by its “blue GoodFuels pump.” GoodFuels20 will soon be availabe at Hazerswoude-dorp, Rozenburg, Goes, Stellendam, Bergen op Zoom en Oud-Beijerland. In line with the TLN ‘GreenTruckFuel’-program, GoodFuels20 will also be made available at specially designated trucking stations.