During the Dam to Dam Run on 19 and 20 September from Amsterdam to Zaandam it was the first time that an unique sustainable configuration for mobile power was used, aimed at an as low as possible emission. In order to achieve this, multiple techniques were being combined. During the running event the hybrid ESaver combination was used together with the ClearAir soot filter, combined with a new HVO biofuel.

By using the three elements; Biofuel, the hybrid generator and a ClearAir soot filter, the emission is reduced considerably. On average the ESaver saves 70% of the fuel with an identical power yield. In addition, also 99,9% of the soot emission is captured by the ClearAir soot filter. As a novelty Bredenoord uses a new fuel that saves app. 85% of the CO
2 during the entire production chain. During the conversion into power this results in less emission of NOx, CO and CO2.

Together with its partner Energy Service, the Dam to Dam Run organization has been looking for the cleanest and most efficient power solutions. Bredenoord entered into a collaboration with the sustainable oil company GoodFuels, that provided the new HVO-biofuel. This fuel is produced by means of the HVO-process (Hydro-treated Vegetable Oils); via a reaction with hydrogen a pure synthetic diesel is produced. As raw materials this fuel only uses biological residue streams such as used deep-frying fat. “By using this alternative fuel in combination with the hybrid ESaver with soot filter, we strive for a CO
2 emission reduction of 85%. “During this pilot in Amsterdam we test which savings in fuel and emission can be achieved”, says Margien Storm van Leeuwen, manager Innovation and New Business at Bredenoord.