Lignin is the second most abundant biomass resource in the world. Together with cellulose and hemi-cellulose it forms the structure of plants, trees and crops. It’s currently mostly co-fired in power plants for so called green electricity.

But it’s perfectly suited to turn into sustainable biofuel- thereby creating a much better integrated business case for the biorefinery of the future (Combined production of biochemicals & biofuels).

This is exactly the mission of the GoodCrude company.

GoodCrude wants to accelerate lignin-2-fuel developments to scale sustainable fuel supply for these transport segments that need it. We are not necessarily a pure technology company, but want to champion setting up the supply chain to serve our customers with truly sustainable fuel that is affordable.

Together with our multi disciplinary team of investors, academia, technology developers, lignin producers and fuel partners we are working hard to get to our first large-scale lignin-2-fuel supply chains up and running as soon as in 2020.

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