Our GoodFuel Marine services

We have developed a range of services to start supplying your fleet anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

In this way we aspire to make it very easy for you to enter the sustainable shipping arena: you just order, we take care of the rest.

1. Full Pilot, Trial & Testing services

As we understand you may want to test it for yourself first

2. Full logistics services into tank

We work with all major & local oil companies to get our biofuel blends distributed

3. Full sustainability & traceability services

We provide full documentation ensuring the origin and sustainability of the fuel

4. Full marketing & communication services

We get the exposure you may want via our global network

5. Full Business case services

We are happy to make your business case for using our fuel

6. Full Project Management

We understand you may need a bit of help to start fueling your fleet with our sustainable marine biofuels. We are happy to do this for you

7. Full compliance services across:

  • Engine OEM warranties
  • Flag states
  • Class societies
  • IMO/CEMAC for long term certification

Our mission is to make shipping more sustainable by developing the market for truly sustainable marine biofuels

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