We estimate that in 2030 biofuels could make up 5-10% of the total global marine fuel mix. To go from “estimate” to academically sound figures, GoodFuels Marine is executing a global study to research the scalingof the supply and demand of marine biofuels. During this study the following topics will be covered:

Identify and evaluate potential markets for marine biofuels (geographies & market segments)

Identify the most promising technology pathways towards large-scale production of affordable marine biofuels

Identify and evaluate commercial opportunities within the supply chain

Identify and overcome logistical challenges for large-scale deployment of biofuels in the marine fuel mix

The study will be executed by independent top universities and knowledge institutes in their respective fields, supported by leading NGO’s, Biofuel companies, Oil companies, class societies, Ports and various governments.

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“Our mission is to accelerate sustainable shipping by developing the market for truly sustainable marine biofuels”

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