All our sustainable marine biofuels offer the following benefits versus “standard” fossil marine fuels

Significant Emission reduction

  • Up to 80% CO2 emission reduction
  • 100% SOx emission reduction
  • 10% NOx emission reduction
  • 50-70% reduction of PM, HC and CO emissions

Operational benefits

  • On spec “drop in” fuels – all your warranties remain in place, no change in engine or infrastructure needed
  • Clean high performance fuel – hence less sludge and engine maintenance

Business benefits

  • Win government and client tenders
  • Stand out in the fossil crowd
  • We boost and protect your brand with our sustainability guarantee

Our fuels

“Our ”drop in” sustainable marine biofuels ensure you will comply with emission regulations and will make you stand out in the fossil crowd”

Our “drop-in” biofuels offer a combination of SOx, NOx and CO2 emission reductions that no other fuel can achieve without the need for capital-intensive fleet renewal or retrofitting. It is suitable for use on any type of ship with any type of usage profile.


GoodFuel Marine offers the following fuels for global distribution:

All our fuels can be delivered in “ready to use” blends with fossil fuel and proper lubrication. We partner with the best biofuel and fossil fuel companies to ensure continuous quality, enduring shelf life and stability.

Next to the abovementioned three grades, GoodFuels Marine will strive to continuously develop better fuels that are even more competitive with fossil fuel- whilst still meeting our stringent sustainability, safety and product quality criteria (see our Boskalis/Wärtsilä testing program).

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