15 Jan GoodFuels partners with Bredenoord to offer sustainable power solutions for events.

Amsterdam/Apeldoorn/Groningen, 19 Januari –  Last week at Noorderslag, the largest music festival in the Netherlands and start of the European event season, GoodFuels and Bredenoord announced a partnership to offer world-class, low-carbon power solutions for events, using GoodFuels advanced biofuels.

Bredenoord will use one of GoodFuels hydrotreated sustainable fuels, which meet the most stringent sustainability criteria, reduce the carbon footprint by 85% and replace fossil diesels without alterations. Beside the fact that the fuel is made entirely from waste streams, it also came out best in class during a quality test performed by Bredenoord. The fuel was classed as 100% deployable to all Bredenoord generators.

Margien Storm van Leeuwen, Manager New Business at Bredenoord: “The high quality, sustainable fuels from GoodFuels not only drastically reduce the COfootprint, but also has a positive impact on the local air quality.”

Jeroen van Heiningen, general director at GoodFuels Road & Rail: “We are very pleased to launch this initiative with market leader Bredenoord. We believe that biofuels-based power solutions are a great step forward for event organisers to improve the sustainability performance of their events, without any compromise. “ 

About Bredenoord
Bredenoord is a 75 year old, family run company based in Apeldoorn (Netherlands) and market leader in engineering, production, selling and renting of reliable mobile power plants in Northern Europe. Driven by its “Clear Concept philosophy”, it wants to deploy innovative solutions based on fuel efficiency and by using new sustainable fuels. Bredenoord is active in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Belgium.


About GoodFuels
GoodFuels produces, develops and supplies advanced biofuels. The company is targeting transport segments for which sustainable fuels are the only or one of the few available options to decarbonize: Shipping, heavy trucking, rail and heavy industrial equipment. The sustainable fuels of GoodFuels do not require any engine alterations (‘drop-in’ quality) and can therefore directly replace unsustainable fossil fuels.  All GoodFuels meet the strict criteria of both the ISCC and the RSB standard and are endorsed by an independent sustainability board consisting of leading NGO’s and academics. Typically, the fuels from GoodFuels reduce the carbon footprint up to 85% (well-to-wheel) next to sharply reducing other harmful (local) emissions.


For further information please contact:

Jeroen van Heiningen

Director GoodFuels Road & Rail

email: Jeroen@goodfuels.com

mob: + 31 (0)6 – 20 42 57 54

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